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Rabbit language platform
Rabbit lets language schools quickly create powerful interactive language phrases you can share online or on mobile. Add your own language learning content and create an amazing learning experience for students. For a small monthly fee you can compliment your classroom teaching with your own mobile lessons that can be sold or provided free from your very own branded mobile app. Learn more at
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Be seen: Your mobile app is an incredible teaching and promotional tool.
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Be profitable: Offer free lessons to attract new users or sell lessons via the app.
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Be heard: Expand your audience and your business beyond the classroom.
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Rabbit lesson builder
Our web based lesson builder lets you quickly create lessons that can be accessed on a huge variety of mobile devices via your own branded version of our RabbitSpeaks mobile apps! Use your existing content such as audio, text and images to quickly build engaging lessons. Our lesson builder includes special features such as audio editing, image cropping and conversational tools. Learn more at
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Create Lessons: Quickly create engaging and stimulating lessons for mobile devices.
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Add Images : Add a main image and a choice of speech bubbles you can move
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Add Text and Audio: Sync each word of your foreign phrase with our audio editor
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